Friday, October 22, 2010


Anyone still out there? :)

I sure do miss blogging. Took an extended break there...we had a lot of changes going on. Oh, and our laptop has been broken for ohhhh, I don't know, about 3 months (feels like 3 years!) I have learned to indulge my blog addiction by downloading a google reader blackberry app and catching up that way, it's really not all that bad! Google reader at your fingertips, what could be better than that?!

I wanted to take a break for a while and contemplate if I truly enjoy blogging. Well, this little blog has been running thru my mind these past couple months, and I guess that's my answer. 'I just can't quit you'. :)

What have I been up to lately?

I'll tell you. I ran my first 5K! You would think that would be an excellent thing to blog about on a healthy living blog, huh? ;) I'm just a couple months late telling you about it. My amazing Dad encouraged my sister and I to run it with him. I finished in 29:37 (ish). ha! I don't remember exactly. It was a blast but I will admit - I'm not a natural runner and it does not come easy to me. It takes all my effort to put in a long run and mentally I have to walk (er, run?) myself thru it. I'm happy I did it tho, you feel so accomplished when you're finished!

I've also been teaching my niece, Bella, 'peanut butter fingers'. Sorry, mom. She might be more my child than yours.... :)

We've been taking in the joys of Fall with a little apple picking...

Except it's the middle of October and there are no more apples left on the trees, apparently?? There were still apple cider donuts tho! C'mon, you know that's the main reason you go! No? Just me?


We got bored and decided to spend $10 on pickles. They made us all a little crazy. Must be the 1500mg of sodium....

Crazy hair!

I love my husband's android phone. It takes all kinds of amazing quality pictures. I haven't used our digital camera in months! He's always there to capture the moments.

Another reason I really wanted to reunite with my little blog was because we're heading up north to Door County, WI this weekend. We're staying in the most adorable B&B, seriously it is so cute you just want to throw up. The leaves might be off all the trees already and there's a chance it could be 35 degrees and stormy but I don't care! It will be a perfect weekend filled with wine and cherry pie and I'll be sharing all the delicious details when I get back. Please come back and visit me!

<3 Kat