Thursday, August 19, 2010


In high school I was friends with a boy, Matt. Everyone called him Tuna. They called him Tuna because once in fifth grade he ate 4 tuna sandwiches because he just loved it that much.

Whenever I think of eating a tuna sandwich, I think of Matt and how funny it was that it was so very normal everyone just knew him as 'Tuna' all of our high school days.

I wonder if Tuna will read this.......hmmm....doubtful. You never know.

So its been awhile since I have eaten tuna but I have fond memories of my mom making tuna melts. They were the best. Sabrina wrote a great post on the memories we associate with food. Sometimes we like to eat foods, not necessarily because we love them, but for the fond memories the food brings back to us. This got me thinking of some of my own 'memory' foods. For me, its tart, plain yogurt with frozen cherries and a pinch of raw sugar. BLT's with lettuce and tomato fresh from the garden. Cold milk poured over crushed Saltines. (It's a Southern thing). I don't necessarily love these foods, or eat them regularly, but they sure do bring back memories. Memories so vivid and real its as if you were together eating these foods just yesterday. I love that feeling...

So back to the tuna. My mom would use good quality whole grain bread, toasted, with tuna salad and a slice of good mozzarella. This past weekend I got a craving for tuna, so I went with it. But honestly those little blue tuna cans in the store just give me the shivers. Same with Bumble Bee. The only way I enjoy Bumble Bee tuna is when Jim Carey is involved.

I went to Whole Foods and bought a can of the best tuna I could find. Apparently it was 'hand line/pole caught' ? That must be better than farm raised. And the claim on the package said I have never tasted a tuna like this before.

It really was the best tuna I have ever had. Totally worth the close to $3 price tag for one tiny can.

Here's the recipe for my 'healthy' tuna salad.

(horrible phone pic - sorry!! you all know what tuna salad looks like anyways)

1 can tuna
4 heaping tablespoons greek yogurt
A few healthy squirts of dijon mustard
2 large carrot sticks
2 celery stalks, all chopped
Chopped pickles (i really went crazy with these)
juice from 1/2 a lemon
salt and pepper
green grapes (optional - they add a nice sweetness)

Mix. Enjoy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this salad! I really think the quality tuna made all the difference. Go get yourself some good tuna. But don't turn into one! :)



  1. This post is amazing! Thanks for the shout out, and I love hearing about what foods bring you back memories!

  2. Was the tuna Wild Planet brand?

  3. Love this post! I don't even like Tuna but I might just have to try that recipe. It sounds so good!

  4. I will now always think of your friend Matt when I eat tuna. :)

  5. hahaa I think I might have to give this tuna a try ;D

  6. hi dave, yes im pretty sure that was the brand!

  7. Now I'm hungry for tuna and I'm a vegetarian!
    Well, actually it gets worse...
    I'm a raw-foodist. :)
    But I love your blog!

    Be back soon,

  8. Hey sweetie, this looks yummy. I would have never thought to put greek yogurt and tuna together. I have tried using it as sour cream on my baked potato which is delicious.
    Oh, ps, I started my blog!

  9. um lets go ahead and update your blog....slacker

  10. so tired of coming back to this site and not seeing any updates...its not even professional like bobby j's .com where the corn fields and the common folk meet.