Monday, July 26, 2010


To me dear readers, I am so sorry for neglecting you for this long. We moved this month to a new place and I am now back up and running with internet and a comfy chair to blog from. :D

This past month has also brought about some major changes to my way of eating. I'm still getting comfortable with it and trying to figure out what is right for me. You may see some new foods around here! A lot of you that know me may know that I followed a high fruit, low fat way of eating. I loved it but my skin was breaking out for months, and I even broke down and went to the dermatologist which I hadn't been to in at least 2 years! I have never had breakouts as bad as I had this past year, even as a teenager. Something was seriously wrong...

My mom and dad sent me these two links:

These articles are really interesting. For anyone struggling with blemishes, I would recommend reading them. From there, I went to the library and checked out a book by a dermatologist who specializes in healing from the inside out. The relationship between your blood sugar, hormones, and acne is something I have not really realized until now. I also realized lack of protein could have been the problem. Like I have said before, I am new to a lot of this and still figuring out what is right for my body. Everybody is different, thats for sure! For now, I am focusing on eating much more protein, green smoothies (duh!), and less fruit. I have been sticking to apples and berries (low sugar fruits) and I really feel good. More importantly, my skin has dramatically improved since cutting out all the sugar.

I also started using a new face cream, I can't wait to review it for you guys soon. :)

Does anyone have any thoughts/input on this? I'd love to hear from you. Tell me what you know!

I now live about a ten minute from my favorite farmer's market!! What am I going to do when it ends this fall? I can't wait to pick up some zucchini this week, and make zucchini muffins I've seen around the blog world...mmmm...

I've been meaning to share this food porn with you...

Open faced sandwich, Ezekial toast with hummus, tomato, avocado, black pepper. I dream about this meal. Those tomatoes were so red and flavorful.

Not my puppy, wish it was!! This is my friend's rambunctious terrier/English Shepard mix. She's the cutest thing I ever laid eyes on!

Well, besides this cutie. My 3 yr old niece, Bella. She loves pink and purses, just like me. :)

I'll be back soon!! xoxo Kat

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  1. Your niece is a little diva!!! So cute!!!!

    I am glad you are back, and yay for the move! I hope it all went well!

    I had problems with my skin a few years back, so I know how you feel, I love PCA products! I actually use their blemish bar at night to wash my face and it's the best thing I ever used, I spent tons of money on products, dermatologist visits, meds, you name it, and then one day , a regular dr, plastic surgeon actually, told me to buy the PCA blemish bar and I have been swearing by it since! I hope your skin gets better, we all go through that : p

    Love ya girl! xoxo