Monday, June 14, 2010

Indulgent weekend

It feels good to be home. This past weekend my friend and I went to WI and stayed with our cousin. She just moved into her own place and she had a little housewarming party! We started the road trip off right with a delicious chocolate cherry bomb smoothie. There are no words to describe how good this smoothie is. Just like a chocolate covered cherry. And super healthy. My friend added her Sun Warrior vanilla protein powder to the smoothie. I just ordered my own today, I had to have it. It is by far the best tasting protein powder I have tried yet.

For the party, we made guacamole and chopped up watermelon. This melon was suburb! My mom told me the key to a good watermelon is to choose one with a bigger white spot on the bottom, this means they had time to lay on the ground and ripen more before being picked. I think she's right!

I made a quinoa salad too. This had chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, raw corn (obsessed!) , jalapeno, and fresh herbs. I dressed it with lime juice. Oh, and that's red quinoa. It tastes the same to me as regular...but it's prettier!
So this post is fittingly titled 'Indulgent Weekend' because my cousin decided to make Oreo bon bons! They called my name every minute of everyday I was there! Basically its a creamy Oreo mixture you roll into balls, then dip in melted white chocolate. I indulged once...or twice. You just need that sometimes. :) I'm glad I'm 2 hours away from them right now tho! Haha.

Tonight for dinner I kept it simple. I steamed brussel sprouts, asparagus, and mushrooms and added lentils and my balsamic maple sauce. Simple and delicious.
Frozen grapes for dessert. In a plastic cup...I keep it classy.
I leave you with a couple pictures from the weekend...this is my Aunt's dog, Jericho. He's precious.
And look at these darlings! They have 13 baby bunnies in their backyard! I refrained from sneaking one in my purse. Yes, that would be the newest trend I'm wearing on my wrist! I love them, ok! What can I say. Anyone wanna trade with me?


  1. I love your post!! I'm so glad you guys got to come! :) xo

  2. omg the baby bunnies are adorable as ever!!!!!!!!!

    So glad you had a great weekend girl!

    Yay for sunwarrior!!!!! I am so going to get vanilla after the chocolate is gone!! I should check out amazon next time and order from there, maybe cheaper?!!

    Your aunts dog is so cute!

    Come shopping in my closet anytime! Heck lets just go shopping!

    Have a great day girl!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  3. Hey my daughter, what an entertaining blog! I love reading your posts! All the food looks so good, and those baby bunnies are adorable! I want one! Hope they are big enough to be held, sometimes the mother will reject them if they're too small and get the scent of humans on them. Glad you had a good time up north, love you!