Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Don't you hate feeling rushed?

Lately these past couple of weeks I have struggled with dragging myself out of bed on time. I honestly think I am getting TOO much sleep. I feel best with 5-6 hrs of sleep but lately have been getting 7-8. I know I feel better with less because my body will naturally wake up around 5am and I'll feel awake and ready to get out of bed. But I never do! What would I possibly do at that time? Exercise at 5am? I don't think so. My husband does and I think he's awesome for it but I just can't do it...So I go back to sleep and wake up groggy at 7. But this morning I slept even later and didn't have time to make a smoothie. It throws off my whole day!

So for breakfast I had unpictured sliced kiwi and grapes.
And snacked on these organic strawberries and veggies with hummus. Aren't they pretty?

Chugged this coconut water on my lunch. LOVE this stuff.

I went to World Market and found this tea.
Yes you read that right...Chocolate Mint Truffle tea. Mmmmm....

And it was the perfect 3pm pick me up with a splash of this.
This is a very decadent creamer! Vegan and gluten free. Coconut milk is awesome.

I bought this little red cup to put loose sea salt in. I'm done with salt shakers. I'm going to start pinching my salt when I want to add it to food because I think it will add to the whole experience of preparing food. Its the little things in life that I get pretty excited for. :)

Tonight we took a bike ride to the store and D picked up salmon and rice for his dinner and I steamed him some broccoli too. I was craving something cold so I made myself a green, well not so very green, smoothie. There was quite a bit of spinach in this...I also added 1/2 banana, blueberries, and juice from a lemon. And I drank it from D's beer mug. ;)

So what is your motivation for getting up earlier? If you're an early riser what do you like to accomplish in the morning hours? I know if I get into the habit of listening to my bodies natural 'alarm clock' I will feel a lot better and of course get more stuff done.

Happy hump day! ;)


  1. I know what I did the other day at 5 am. I looked out my back deck window to see 4 deer taunting me by my hydrangeas that they are "suppose" to not like. HA!!! They were quickley side-tracked by the abundance of fallen mulberries in the backyard. Great blog Kat!! Your friend Cheryl

  2. I love that creamer, use it in my coffee!! Its the best!!!

    I wish I was getting too much sleep!!!!! Lucky!! lol!

    Have a great day!!! xoxo

  3. your posts are great...so informative....(stay away from my beer mug tho) :)